The Cook in Me and My Oven

The Cook in Me and My Oven

The first question to answer about an oven and stove is whether it will be gas or electric. That is decided. We’ll have gas. Next, we have to consider money. Different brands and different models make this complicated. But generally, a freestanding stove is less expensive, a double gas oven going for around $3,000. Next comes the slide-in which price goes on up according to what is included in the package. Most of these ovens are 30 inches wide. Wider ovens are more expensive and generally for commercial and professional kitchens.

It looks great

I like five burners, one that gets hotter for boiling water fast. They do have that. Some have a griddle in the middle. I prefer a window to watch my food without opening the door and losing heat. They say the windows are clean easier now, with expertise of cleaners and advances in glass.

How Much Oven Do I Need

The ovens, freestanding or slide-in, are usually one large and one smaller with no drawer at the bottom. If you have enough storage space, that’s not a problem. And you can hang your pans. Is a small oven worth the extra cost? Think so. Even though it is small, you can cook pies, cookies, rolls, etc. See, there are lots of things that you can cook in the small one. And it saves heat and heating up the kitchen on a hot day.
Almost all ovens now have a convection feature that heats all the oven evenly so you don’t have to rotate pans and racks. Learn more about best double oven gas range.

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