The Best Oven Gas Range – Let’s Light it up

If you have been looking for the best double oven gas range this article compares several models available on the market so you can light it up and enjoy your cooking masterpieces.

There are many areas to consider when picking the perfect oven gas range. The cooking power and capacity are a major concern when entertaining or just enjoying a quiet night at home. The affordability and size of the oven is also an important aspect. The ease of cleaning or the ability to self-clean must be considered when choosing the model that is the right fit.

The Thor Kitchen 48 inch Freestanding Double Oven Professional Gas Range leads the pack with six burners, easy cleaning, and heavy-duty construction. The two-year warranty is a nice touch in case bad things happen. A drawback to this model is its lack of s self-cleaning option but overall this is the Cadillac of double oven gas ranges.

When it comes to value the Thor Kitchen 6 Burner Gas Range with Double Oven is the winner. It has many of the features contained in the other models such as a large surface area, automatic re-ignition, and oven control settings. The 22,000 BTU convection oven will cook dishes to perfection. If you are looking for a double gas oven on a budget the Verona Prestige Series 36″ Double Oven is a perfect choice. It is a little smaller than the 48″ ovens however it still packs in 5 sealed burners at a price under $3500.

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